Monday, August 22, 2011

Derek Fisher Has a Secret Love Child?

Has married baller Derek Fisher's secret love child been exposed?

Yesterday a reader asked me: Do you know the rumor about Derek Fisher? I told that reader to spill the tea and share the news.

This morning I woke up and saw in my emails a detailed explanation of the situation out in Las Vegas from a source in the know.

Here’s what my source had to say about Derek Fisher:
“Hey Jacky!!!

Checked your site today, and saw the steez from Mr. Fantastic. I think he was gonna let you in on this:

SO the facts on Derek are that, he has a little girl out here in Vegas. I’ve seen her. The mother is the daughter of the lead Neurologist out here at UMC. She’s white and Puerto Rican.

I first met the little girl about 8 years ago when I was at Diversity Tattoo shop off of Las Vegas Blvd. This chick has a twin sister who has been linked to Mayweather for years as well.

Anyway, so the chick took Derek to court 3 times out here for paternity, and that negro was still trying to deny this baby. And FYI, this little girl is his exact copy, no lie.

That’s why people in Vegas dislike this dude.We all saw the piece about his little girl with his wife, and thought it was pretty F’d up that he had a healthy little girl in Vegas that could’ve helped her little sister. The sad thing is, chick comes from money and wasn’t your typical groupie at all. She’s well educated, and when people asked about the father, she would only say he’s a well known professional athlete”.

You can run but you can’t hide from HSK, Derek Fisher. Know why? Because HSK has sources with firsthand information, all over the world mane. Don’t believe me? Ask New York Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee.
Jacked from Diary of a Hollywood Street King 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Derek Fisher always had the face of a sheister snake oil salesman....skanless hoe ass nagga!! Creeping on the wife raw dog.....and denying the baby???!!! Fwock BOi!

Anonymous said...

Thirsty bitches kill me, you fuck around with a married man have his bastard child and want respect like you're the wife. Bitch burn, you stupid he wakes up everyday to his wife and kids while you on the other hand is bitter and alone. Keep putting your business out in the streets and see how embarrassed your child will be when she grows up and realises she was the result of a married man's jump off.

In todays world having a child is an option.

My sister is going through the same situation with her no good husband but like I told the jump off, his wife and two kids are living in the burbs, his wife doesn't have to work, vacationing together as family, eating together every night and their kids growing up in a home with both parents. You the side chick should have known better, to think he would want you and divorce my sister was stupid, now you're stuck looking from the outside in and he still don't give a shit about you. Poor little kids suffer over bad choices adults make.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:39

So your sister is sitting around while this man disrespects her? She should be just as embarrassed as the jump off. Omg, women these days. Wtf

Anonymous said...

Cosign. Where is his sister's pride and dignity? She's looking the other way while her husband cheats. @8:39pm that is not something you should be bragging about. SMH

Anonymous said...

dirty dog

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, chick comes from money and wasn’t your typical groupie at all.

If she was all of this above she would not be in a situation like this. I understand that the man is responsible but do you see him messing up his family any more for you I think not. Even if you have a married man who does financally provide for the baby your child will still not have a father and I am sure that the average wife would leave if she has to consider you child everyday.

Anonymous said...

Anons @1:17am and 10:16pm; I understand where you are going with your logic, but the WIFE ALWAYS has the upper hand; cheaters always think the grass is greener on the other side until they have the SAME things to deal with such as bills and RESPONSIBILITY; you bring CHILD SUPPORT and/or ALIMONY into it then the jump off isn't so attractive anymore; you have the same situation just with another person and the money that is going out isn't volunatary, but COURT ORDERED. The wife may have been disrespected, but she will come out on top.

Anonymous said...

So does so many other NBA ballers. Sir Charles does too.

Anonymous said...

This shit happens, it's nothing new. Women are always going to be attracted to niggaz who got long money or got muscle to get money. Females don't give a shit about personality/ morals at all really. They say they do but if that was true drug dealers and pro athletes who blantanly cheat on their chick wouldn't get as much offers for pussy.

Anonymous said...

So who do you blame the man or the jump off? There is a old saying about cheating and that is : A woman can run faster with her dress up than a man can with his pants down" meaning she only got what she hung around for.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:36 PM: I feel you knocking (opens door and lets you in). However, I don't see anyone as at fault. People are going to be people.I can't change them even if I wanted to , so why worry about it. Humans are animals in my opinion. In the animal kingdom, female animals go after alpha males,simple and plain. It's to ensure they're taken care and their descendants are after they're gone. Women know they're not fucking the nigga they're with just cause he's a nice guy. If any female says that, she's most likely bullshittin'. On the other hand, you know when you're the big boss male, you get easy access to females and other cool shit. It doesn't matter if you're the biggest asshole walking god's green earth or Jesus reincarnated. If you've got power, females line up for you to have your way with them. Also, we all know if you're an alpha male with options, you're not gonna be Mr. Chivalrous Loving and Supportive Boyfriend. It's most likely not gonna happen unless you really meet a broad who really knocks you off your feet and even then, might still cheat. It's just how this game called life go (kanye shrug). The only way to change this is if people change themselves. However, that probably isn't going to happen because that's asking people to go against human nature. MEN AND WOMEN always want they've been told they can't have. The truth about romantic affairs is proof of that alone.

Anonymous said...

FYI Derek did not cheat on Candace so no need to send any sympathy her way. She is a gold digger and a ho azz skank - big come up for a former prostitute. Mother of said love child is a ho and tried to trap Derek. This child was born before Candace. Obviously if Derek keeps taking ho to court he knows its not his child. Don't believe the hype.

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