Thursday, December 22, 2011

Miley Cyrus Curses Out Rude Fans

Miley Cyrus gives as good as she gets after an unruly fan curses her out for not taking a picture.
Miley Cyrus dropped the F-bomb in response to a fan who swore at the singer when she tried to break free from admirers during a vacation in Costa Rica.

"What the f*ck? Are you for real?" Cyrus exclaimed after a fan called her an "*sshole" for leaving a group of young girls who wanted their picture taken with the singer.

Cyrus, 19, and her Aussie boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, 21, were approached by groupies as they boarded a helicopter in the beach resort town of Malpais, according to footage broadcast Tuesday by Channel 7 news station in Costa Rica.

The former Disney star let a few adoring youngsters take her photo but then said, "Gotta go," as her helicopter awaited.

One person from the group shouted the expletive as Cyrus walked away, prompting the star to mouth off.

Although she was visibly annoyed, Cyrus regained her composure and let fans continue taking photos before she took off.

Jacked from Fox News 


Anonymous said...

She only let the others take pictures by the helicopter, cause the guy called her an asshole. Miley has a hard time ignoring pushy fans.

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful bitch. Low-talent hoes like her and Rihanna are going to get enough of going off on people. "Fans" can be assholes...that's been the case forever. Part of show business is rising above it and looking the other way. If you can't stand the drawbacks of being in the spotlight, go find a regular job. Chipmunk faced heffa.

Anonymous said...

No, She's on her time. She not performing or at an event. I'm from NYC and see celebs all the time if you have a camera phone just take a quick pic. Otherwise leave them the F** alone.

Anonymous said...

Miley should have her people speak for her, that way she won't seem mean. The guy with her should have said, "no more pictures girls, she has to go". She always speaks for herself. Bey would never speak for herself.

signwithclass said...

9:24pm, unfortunately celebrities don't have "their time." That's a downfall of celebrity. She should be happy her overrated ass still have a fan base. She should've smiled and kept it moving...that would've pissed the woman off more, and she would've saved face. She come off as a spoiled brat. I'm not from NYC and I don't see celebs all the time. Neither do the tourists visiting NYC and providing revenue. Artists need to consider that. Celebrity too much? McDonald's is always hiring.

Anonymous said...

"Bey" can't speak and sounds like a functioning illiterate retard

Anonymous said...

^^Bey is beautiful, talented and rich. Who cares about sounding articulate. She speaks just fine to me.

Anonymous said...

she doesn't speak fine at all. Talent is sub par, and she's rich but so is Hoedashian, and they're both dumb.

Anonymous said...

^^Why is it so important to you people for everybody to hate Bey? Let people like Bey, its our business if we like her. FUCK YOU!!

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