Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kris Jenner's Lovers Coming Out of the Woodwork

Todd Waterman claims he's the third person in the love triangle that broke up Kris Jenner's marriage to Rob Kardashian.
The Kardashian family past seems to be keeping up with them a little too well.

Todd Waterman, a Hollywood animator, came forward claiming he is the man who broke up Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian’s marriage.

“It was scandalous,” he told Star magazine. “We dated for a year and a half. I was playing pro soccer and I was training with a team, L.A. Heat, for a now-defunct league. That’s how we met.”

In her autobiography, the former Mrs. Kardashian — now married to Bruce Jenner — admitted to cheating on her first hubby with a man dubbed “Ryan.”

Waterman was even mentioned in Kris and Robert’s divorce papers, the rag reported. On Saturday, excerpts from those papers became public, and they show Kris feared Robert Kardashian's wrath, reported.

“Every time (Robert) and I speak, (Robert) emotionally abuses me to the point that I am unable to handle the simplest tasks for hours after our conversation. In every conversation (Robert) and I have, (Robert) calls me a wh---, a b----, a s--- and other names I cannot repeat,” Kris Jenner reportedly said.

Robert Kardashian, best known for his role on O.J. Simpson’s defense team, died of cancer in 2003.
Jacked from The NY Daily News 


Anonymous said...

Awww sh*t!! ::GRABS POPCORN:: this is gonna be good! Finally Karma coming for this no talent a** family and they stank a** dirty momma!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOWWWWW. I bet she regrets publishing that tell all now doesn't she. "Hello Karma? I'd like you to meet the Kardashians."

Anonymous said...

I bet she is still getting pounded outside her fake marriage. Dirty whore!

Anonymous said...

Karma my ass, this woman is just selling more of her soul so they can keep collecting $$, she prolly leaked ALL this shit

Anonymous said...

Cheaters don't usually just stop cheating. I wouldn't be surprised if she was sleeping around now on Bruce.

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