Monday, March 5, 2012

Bobbi Kristina's Unhappy Birthday

Bobbi Kristina Brown turned 19 years old yesterday but she was in no mood to celebrate.
Bobbi Kristina turns 19 today, March 4, and it’s so sad that she can’t celebrate her birthday with her mom and best friend Whitney Houston!

Bobbi Kristina should be celebrating today, but according to our sources close to the birthday girl, “Krissy doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday because she feels like she has nothing to celebrate!” With a few weeks removed from her mother’s death the question now is, will her father Bobby Brown, who has been on tour with New Edition, visit her on this special day? He does have the day off to make it happen!

But that may be unlikely as previoulsy reported, “Bobbi Kristina is telling friends that she doesn’t want to fly to LA or New Jersey to be with her family on the big day — she wants to be alone with her brother Nick Gordon in Atlanta.” Another source added HollywoodLife.comexclusively, “Krissy feels like she can’t be herself in front of her family members right now. She doesn’t want to have to put on some act on her birthday pretending to be happy. She just wants to be alone with her brother Nick.”

The devastation of her mother’s passing still lingers as we have been told what she would normally be doing on this special day was so special to her. “In the past, Krissy would always celebrate her birthday with her mother by either going to the spa or to the movies, so this is a very difficult day for Krissy. And the last thing she wants to deal with is two feuding families, Whitney’s and Bobby’s. She just wants her space right now and can you blame her?”
Jacked from Hollywood Life 


Anonymous said...

This is so sad but not true. Whitney's friends in the Atl probably scoop her up to make sure that day was special. Soo not true , but I do hope she can patch it up with her dad bc they is what Whitney had wanted.

NubianGoddez said...

I did not know this lil heiffa was a Pisces and doing drugs to boot, chile with Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries its a deadly combination for folks who use substance's to escape reality. this will not end well.

Anonymous said...

@ NubianGoddez how is this dangerous do explain

Anonymous said...

@Nubian whatttt. I am a Pisces my mom, Dad, and brother are as well. Sorry all Pisceans are not on drugs or do drugs.
Any hoot Oprah retched ( I spell correctly ghetto form) out To Bobbi after Whitney's death only to help with her ratings. Tacky azz just like she told folks on Twitter to turn to her tv station.
I am not watching boycott her azz !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Nubian: So true.

Anonymous said...

@ Nubian, Girl sit yo ass down and shut up!

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