Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whitney Houston Saddened by State of Her Voice

Friends claim Whitney Houston was deeply affected over the state of her voice shortly before she died.
Whitney Houston was ''deeply, psychologically and emotionally'' affected by the state of her voice shortly before her death.

The tragic singer's vocal coach and friend, Gary Catona, said her whole personality had been changed by the deterioration of her voice through smoking and drug abuse before she was found accidentally drowned at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in February.

Gary told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''She was horrified by it. When someone is a singer at that level, their voice is so much of who the person is. She identified with her voice. It was not possible for Whitney to be affected very deeply, psychologically and emotionally, by the fact she couldn't sing.''

Gary - one of the world's leading voice coaches - first met Whitney in 2005, at which point she could barely speak. He says he managed to get her voice to return by around 75 per cent, but she never fully recovered before she would then ''take off'' and damage it again.

He added: ''As her voice started returning, lo and behold, her personality began changing, just as I predicted. She became more confident, she became who she really was - funny, charming, an intelligent person. Her self-esteem began rising.

''But what would happen was that I would work with her, and she'd get her voice back to some extent, and then she'd take off.

''She'd try to sing here, or she'd try to sing there. Rather than getting her voice back completely, which would have secured her legacy, she got caught up in her lifestyle again and she began practicing the habits which were not beneficial to her voice.''

Whitney, 48, was found face down in the bathtub of Beverly Hilton with a bloody nose and the remnants of cocaine nearby on February 11. The Beverly Hills Police Department cited cause of death as accidental drowning with drug abuse and heart disease also factors.
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All singers know that their voice has to be maintained and they need to do everything they can to maintain it.

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Shouldn't of did hardcore drugs and smoked cigarettes all those years if you really cared about your voice. Sorry but the truth is the truth.

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Never apologize for telling the truth.

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No surprise here. She knew her hustle was over, she was making debt with no way to get out of it, so she chose the easy way out. A selfish move especially when she had a daughter, if you ask me.

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Sad, but if she got 75% of her voice back, she could have gotten at least 90%. God gives second chances and warnings! She didn't take her second chance and she ignored the warnings. With a gift like that, I don't know why she was so hell bent on destruction.

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whitney was human. in my opinion, i think she was a sweet soul who really only wanted to sing. the music business is a rough one...its basically pimping and hoing on a different level. the record company recognizes talent that they can exploit, much like a pimp recognizes broken women...they: pimps and record companies, dress them up, take them here and there and give them a "fabulous" life all the while making most of the money off of these individuals. i hate the fact that whitney did not write most of her material, because that is where the money is! not in performing...u make some money touring, but it costs a lot to put on a show as well. she did say herself that she was her own worst enemy though...however, she did have a relationship with God, and however she died, i believe she is with Him. hopefully resting in peace, because goodness knows, it doesnt seem like she had peace here on earth.

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