Monday, May 7, 2012

Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye West's Sagging Pants

Kanye West was recently photographed stepping out of a car with Kim Kardashian with his pants sagging down around his waist. Kim explains what happened.

Kanye West may have been caught with his pants down over the weekend, but Kim Kardashian insists it "wasn't anything intentional." 
To back up briefly, it was last Friday night when the rapper was spotted exposing a little bit of thigh as he and the E! reality star departed their vehicle in the Big Apple. So what exactly happened? 
"He was getting out of the car and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car door and he was trying to pull it up quick and his belt was really heavy," says Kim, Kanye's frequent companion as of late, in an exclusive interview with E! News. 
"It's called a wardrobe malfunction," sister Kourtney explains to her sibling. 
"It was a wardrobe malfunction, but it wasn't anything intentional," Kim says. "It was not scandalous." 
Naturally, we couldn't help but ask Kim if she wanted to tell us anything about Kanye given their rumored romance, to which she replies with a laugh: "No." Oh well. We tried.
Jacked from E Online 


Anonymous said...

Them tight pants would have to be pulled down by hands. If he had on some saggy jeans, I would have bought this story. Try again Kimmy Kakes.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

But WHY would he get outta the car wthout pulling them ALL the way back up? His pants were down for only 1 reason...and apparently he wanted the world to know, lol.

ThatBKChick said...

"What had happen was...his black d*ck fell into my mouth by mistake"...HAUX PLLLLEEEAAAAZZZE!!!

Anonymous said...

Her explanation sucks balls! Literally!

Anonymous said...

If he was trying to pull up his pants he would of used to hands and no one would of got a picture! Nice try Kim but that explanation doesn't explain shit!

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