Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kim says Kris Dragging Out Divorce for Attention

It takes an attention whore to know one. Kim Kardashian thinks her estranged husband Kris Humphries is dragging out their divorce because he knows after it's over everyone will forget all about him.

A Kardashian insider reveals that Kim thinks her ex Kris Humphries is pathetic for fighting the divorce. Plus, she spent three hours at her high-powered divorce attorney’s home on Sunday, May 6, prepping for the looming court battle. 
Kim Kardashian is more ready than ever to face Kris Humphries in court. The reality star was spotted at attorney Laura Wasser‘s home on May 6 after hitting the gym, and it’s likely they were finalizing their plan of attack for when the divorce goes to court. 
HollywoodLife.com spoke to a source close to the reality star who says Kim is ready to face her ex-husband Kris! “Kim isn’t worried about this at all,” the source says. 
“She doesn’t understand why Kris won’t just settle. He says he doesn’t want fame and attention but he’s dragging this out to stay relevant because once Kim settles with him, everyone will forget about him. Kim literally spends very little time thinking about Kris.” 
Kris reportedly wants Kim to explain what happened to their lavish wedding gifts but our source says that’s just “ridiculous.” 
“Kim gave money to charity instead of returning every single gift,” the source says. “Guests didn’t want their wedding gifts back. Kris is just trying to drag this out.” If this goes to court, Kim, her family and friends could be subpoenaed to testify and a source says that family and friends are “worried” about it.
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Anonymous said...

Oh course they are worried about testifying. Their dirty dealings will be exposed.

Anonymous said...

What would be funny is if they ask a personal question "do you get butt shots". Everyone knows when you take the stand personal questions are asked. They attack your character first.

Anonymous said...

He's not that good looking or smart and He thought he had the women of his dreams.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Kris Humphries. We applaud you in dragging this charlatan Kim Kadashian through the mud

dreadee said...

She's the one who married him, that's what she get. Next time take the time and build a relationship before you see dollar signs. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Kris SHOULD take their asses to court. I'm glad he's not worried about people thinking that he's dragging it out. Kris is right to expose their dirty ways.

They publicly humiliate him, but want him to quietly go away and get over it? Get em', Kris! Drag their asses to court!

NubianGoddez/ Auset Ra Amunet said...

Its time like these I wish the DC snipers were still on the loose.

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