Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heidi Klum and Seal Close to a Settlement

Heidi Klum and her estranged husband Seal have put aside their differences and are moving forward with their divorce.

Heidi Klum and Seal are close to settling their divorce ... TMZ has learned. Sources connected with Seal tell TMZ ... the singer is fully on board to end the marriage and now fully recognizes that the postnuptial agreement he signed is enforceable and will be "substantially honored."
As you know ... Seal erupted over the weekend, accusing Heidi of banging the bodyguard before the couple separated. But our sources say Seal retracted his comment a day later, because he didn't want the divorce negotiations to become acrimonious.
As we first reported ... Seal was pissed early on in the divorce and tried challenging the postnup, but he has since come around.
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Anonymous said...

SMH. Men and their pride. You lost this one Seal.
Lick your wounds. Count your blessings. You are still rich and will be alright.

NubianGoddez/ Auset Ra Amunet said...

@but he has since come around/translation she was about to reveal the dirt she had on his angry ass, can't have snow flakes on every talk show couch crying about how abusive that angry kneegrow was to her, she probably got some nasty phone messages ala Mel Gibson style meltdown, and probably had some pictures of when he back handed her a couple of times, I'm sure there also was a team of nannies to testify on what asshat he was around the kids and poor snowflake, I see him talking reckless about her daughter too by the Italian dude smh.

pamella najera said...

He didn't want the divorce negotiations to become acrimonious.

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