Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wrester Tamara 'Sunny' Sytch Arrested for Harassment

WWE wrestler Tamara Sytch was arrested three times in one week for harassing her boyfriend.

Tamara Sytch, best known as the WWE wrestler and manager Sunny, scored an unprecedented three count: Three arrests in as many days for harassing her boyfriend. Sytch, 39, first went to his Branford, Conn., home and caused trouble on Sept. 11, WFSB-TV reported.
She was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and warned not to return after she was released on bond.
But Sytch didn’t listen. The following day, she went back and was charged with third-degree strangulation and violation of protective order on top of the disorderly conduct charge.
She put her boyfriend in a headlock and pulled his hair, cops said.
She was released again — this time on a $25,000 bond — and went back to her boyfriend’s place Sept. 13. This time, she was drunk and broke into his house by climbing through a window.
After another charge for violating a protective order, Sytch was released into the care of her sister, with the promise that she would immediately go to rehab.
The WWE offered to pay for Sytch’s treatment under its Former Talent Program.
In a statement, the company said it had covered three of her previous trips to rehab, and “will continue to provide assistance should she want to take advantage of it."
Jacked from The NY Daily News 


NubianGoddez/ Auset Ra Amunet said...

Yt justice ain't it a bitch.

Ivory Albert said...

She put her boyfriend in a headlock and pulled his hair, cops said.

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