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Corey Feldman Outs Corey Haim and Hollywood Pedophile System

Corey Feldman's new memior 'Coreography' outs former best friend Corey Haim as bi-sexual and exposes the Hollywood pedophile system.
In his memoir "Coreyography," Corey Feldman goes into bombshell details about the abuse he had in his life, including brutal physical and emotional abuse from his mother; sexual abuse he experienced from older men when he was an underage teen; and his own drug abuse. Feldman also claims that his best friend Corey Haim was a bisexual who would often make sexual advances on him, but Feldman says he always rejected those advances. In "Coreyography," Feldman also tells stories about the friendship he once had with Michael Jackson.
A few details that Feldman did not disclose are the names of the men whom he says sexually abused him when he was an underage teen. Feldman explains in the book that the reasons why he did not use their real names was because the sexual abuse would be hard to prove after all of these years, the statute of limitations to prosecute them has expired in California (where the alleged sexual abuse took place), and some of the men might sue him if he exposed them. He said that at least two of the men are still working in powerful Hollywood jobs.
Feldman claims that when he was an underage teen, he was sexually abused by several older men, one of whom worked for his father when his father was his manager. Some of these men were also part of Feldman's social circle, so he says he felt confusion and shame about reporting the abuse, since he often relied on these men for friendship and protection. He said that the abuse would often happen when he and the men were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Feldman says that Jackson never abused him and that Jackson treated him like a younger brother. (However, people who believe that Jackson was a sexual predator say that Jackson deliberately targeted boys who were not famous.)
According to Feldman, a typical encounter that he would have when he was sexually abused would be that while he was lying intoxicated in bed, the guy would climb in the bed and initiate having sexual relations with him. He also said that sometimes he would wake up to find the abuser unzipping his trousers and having his way with him.
Feldman says that sometimes he would fight off the abuser, but more often than not, he would just let the abuse happen out of confusion and guilt. Feldman says that he didn't understand until years later that, because of he was underage at the time, he had been the victim of statutory rape. He also said that sexual abuse is rampant with many talent agents, managers, directors and producers who take advantage of underage kids who think they have to give in to the abuse out of fear or because they think it might help their careers.
As many people know, Haim and Feldman were close friends and worked together on several projects, beginning with 1987's "The Lost Boys." Feldman says that before he met Haim, he was jealous of him because he had heard that Haim was getting some of the girls and acting roles that Feldman wanted. However, one role that Feldman got that Haim wanted was Feldman's role in "The Goonies."
The friendship between Haim and Feldman, who became known in the media as "The Two Coreys," started out innocently enough, but it soon became a drug-fueled, co-dependent relationship, as Feldman tells it. Feldman (who describes Haim's personality as friendly, hypoeractive and intense) also outs Haim as a bisexual who was sodomized as a child by a man whom Feldman does not name, but he says Haim confided in him about the rape. Feldman believes that this early sexual abuse caused Haim to be overly sexualized at a young age. Feldman says that when he met Haim, Haim talked about sex more than anyone else he knew.
Feldman claims that when Haim was "horny," that Haim would sometimes suggest that he and Feldman have sex with each other. Feldman claims he always declined the offer.
In the book, Feldman describes incidents when he and Feldman would be hanging out together and Haim would pester Feldman to find someone to have sex with, male or female. Feldman expresses regret that on at least two occasions during the time that he and Haim were filming "The Lost Boys," Feldman would suggest an older male friend to have sex with Haim. One of those friends was Marty Weiss, a talent manager who was arrested in 2011 for committing lewd acts with a child. Weiss once had a talent agency with Feldman's mother back in the late '80s. Feldman says that during the time that Weiss had sex with Haim. As Feldman describes it in the book: "They walked single file into the adjoining room ... I heard sounds, banging, thumping. I felt my stomach flip-flop. I felt sick."
On another occasion, a similar scenerio happened: Feldman said that Haim was being hyperactive and "horny" and wanted Feldman to find him someone to have sex with, when Haim suggested that he and Feldman "mess around." When Feldman rejected Haim's advances and asked Haim if he was gay, Haim replied, "I'm not gay, man. This is what guys do. It's totally normal. Why don't we do it?" Feldman says he still refused to have sex with Haim. When Haim expressed interest in hooking up with Weiss again, Feldman told Haim that he was no longer speaking to Weiss. So Feldman reluctantly suggested a man who is called "Tony Burnham" (not his real name) in the book. According to Feldman, he knew that Burnham (whom he describes as overwieight and unatractive) had a crush on Haim, and so the meeting was arranged. Feldman says he tried to convince Haim not to get sexually involved with Burnham and to find someone else to have sex with, but Haim insisted because he told Feldman that it would be "a favor" to Haim if Feldman arranged the hookup. After that encounter, Burnham began to treat Haim as his "boyfriend," according to Feldman.
Feldman describes these alleged incidents in the book because years after these incidents happened, Haim accused Feldman of being responsible for some of the sexual abuse he suffered. The accusation was made on their reality show "The Two Coreys." Feldman says that at the time, he introduced an underage Haim to those men because he just wanted Haim to stop pestering him about finding someone to have sex with him. Of course, we won't hear Haim's side of the story since he's dead.
The first of the book actually describes what Feldman's life was like in the hours and days after Haim's death in 2010. Feldman expresses some bittnerness over the people who came out of the woodwork after Haim's death to try and benefit from on the death through money and/or publicity. Feldman says that he is still angry that many people still think that Haim died of an overdose, when the autopsy report concluded that Haim died on pneumonia. (However, years of drug abuse probably negatively affected Haim's immune system.) Although Haim and Feldman's frienship went through some rough patches over the years, they were friendly and regularly communicating with each other in the period of time leading up to his death.
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Anonymous said...

Corey needs to stop bullshitting and name NAMES, otherwise this autobiography is a useless anecdote regarding a serious issue thats affecting aspiring talents.

Corey had the chance of being the Ed Snowden of Hollyweird, and he blew it.

Operation: BeastMode said...

^ I think he doesn't want to die just yet :-/

IamLegend said...

^ exactly! he's at least telling people, that yes, it happens.

Anonymous said...

@12:24 - If Corey were to name names, he would wind up dead, and there would be a massive smear campaign before and after his "sudden", "mysterious", or "accidental" death to try to discredit him and make him look like a lying opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Well if you're not going to name names stop naming all of Haims escapades. You're definitely clear on that. It's also unfair because Haim is not here to defend himself. Corey is making Haim a victim again. Corey take a long look in that mirror. Don't be self righteous just be truthful if that's your intent.

MsPink Kitty said...

He basically prostituted his so called best friend. He arranged form Haim to hook-up with older men for gay sex. Haim was the rent boy and Feldman was the go-between. Cory, you too have blood on your hands dude.

Feldman outted all of his dead friend's dirt and none of his own. I would like to hear the truth about Feldman's relationship with Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

My only question is WHERE THE F*CK WERE THE PARENTS?This type of crap has been going on since forever. When are parents going to learn to protect their kids instead of "cashing in". And I don't think Corey needs to come out of the box putting Hollywood "big wigs" on full blast by naming names (baby steps).

Anonymous said...

Exactly @1:15PM! CoreyF did a helluva job airing out CoreyH's dirty laundry, while he's six feet under and isn't here to defend himself. In many ways he's STILL looking like a self-righteous opportunist because if he truly cared about CH and other victims of sexual abuse in Hollyweird like he implied over the past few years, he'd recognize that the situation is bigger than him and name the names of the true criminals behind his tortured life.

CF of all people should know he's discarded trash to the Hollyweird elite, (there's no prestigious entertainment opportunities coming his way) and there will be a media circus around his death simply based on who he was to the public eye, so the least he could have done was go out with some dignity in that book of his. There's no "baby steps" in exposing criminals; either you call them out, or you don't.

Again, CF was/is an insider to the sick world of the entertainment industry and his chance at being a major whistleblower would have been legendary (this would have given other victims of sex crimes the hope to speak up and out). But again, he blew it. The pedophillic activities will continue.

Anonymous said...

The truth is always somewhere in the middle and since Haim is not here to air his side I'll make a possible suggestion. Reading between the lines it sounds like Feldman was pimping out Haim. Why would Haim need Feldman to hook him up with anyone? Feldman probably directed Haim to the guys in exchange for favors and or money.

Anonymous said...

There certainly are baby steps in outing powerful people if you don't want to end up dead. "CF of all people should know he's discarded trash to the Hollyweird elite, (there's no prestigious entertainment opportunities coming his way)" . Exactly! Who has his back if he outs these very powerful criminals? What good is an investigation if a potential willing witness is dead? BTW a potential witness and/or whistle blower is better than none at all. Who knows, maybe Corey's first step may encourage another victim to take it a step further.

Anonymous said...

and Corey you are not fucking Michael Jackson. You are still trying to be him in that picture

Anonymous said...

Feldman needs a shrink to determine why he thinks he is Michael Jackson. You're not dude, and look pretty pathetic imitating him.

Anonymous said...

I also ago with the comments about Feldman saying shit about Haim who is no longer here. Sounds like Feldman is using his "friend" to sell books and be relevant again for 5 minutes. He also looked like a dick imitatiing MJ too.

Anonymous said...

What's with Fedlman's head-shot on his lame book? Michael Jackson he ain't...

Anonymous said...

It's Feldman ya dope. But I agree, he looks like a complete tool on his book cover and most other times crappily ripping off Michael Jackson's look, which only Michael could pull off.

WTF?? said...

Why the fuck is his hair always draped across his face in that faggish superman shit? Tired of Corey and his antics. Now he's trying to sell a book and ain't said a damn thing. Expecting people to buy that rehashed shit and he isn't even giving names.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does seem as if Corey Feldman is 'cashing in' on his dead friend's story, and while I don't like that he gives details that Corey Haim may never have wished known, I do believe the underlying accusations that Corey is making. Parents are so clueless, even more so today than before, it seems. What I find rather sad is that so many people are attacking the victim, and it probably goes to show why he didn't name names. I should state I'm not exactly a fan of Cory Feldman, but I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. And why shouldn't he write a book - everyone else seems to be doing it.

Anonymous said...

this weird clown makes me want to never watch another movie him or heim was in

Anonymous said...

Hes saying haim was a fag! Theres no proof of this what so ever! Half.of this crap is made up. Feldman is a liat people! Haim was dating gorgous women..but needed feldman to find him old MEN to have sex with? Makes no sense. This retard is just crying for attention. Judy haim is pissed at feldman for spreading lies. She said no one was closer to corey haim then she was. He was straight. Not gay! Feldman u r a sad little man.

Eric Lencher said...

Hey anonympus, he DID name names, but the publisher refused to put them in the book because they were afraid of getting sued. But the pseudonyms used make it VERY easy to decipher who is who.
Tony Burnham = Dominick Brascia
Ron Crimson = John Grissom
Ralph Kaufman = Alphy Hoffman
Bill Kaufman = Bobby Hoffman
Dominick Brascia was feldman's roommate who helped get him emancipated from his parents. Look him up on Youtube, and see how creepy the dude is. You can tell he's a pedo.

Dominick Brascia said...

My Name is Dominick Brascia
One Problem with Corey Feldman's book is a lot of it is not true.. But that's okay, I mean he needs money and he promised St. Martians an exciting book... I wish him happiness.. But because I lived with Corey and we were friends.. And Corey used fake names of people he said raped him and Corey Haim.. I guess mixing up real names and fake names and dates etc... Some people have been accused of wrongdoing..
People have contacted me accusing me of being someone named TONY in his book..
Fact I have NEVER been Arrested or even accuse anything illegal..
I spoke with Corey's Manager and St. Martins Press and told them what was happening... They said no one would think that I was Tony... But still somepeople who are haters have asked me... For that reason I am writting my review here. Here is a copy of one of the letters the send me..

Dear Mr. Brascia:
You have notified us of your concerns that the person identified as Tony
Burnham in the autobiography COREYOGRAPHY by Corey Feldman bears
some resemblance to you. As you know, your name is not mentioned in
Mr. Feldman's book. It was neither Mr. Feldman's nor St. Martin's
intention to identify you, or to publicly accuse you of any wrongdoing.
We regret any distress this may have caused you.
Very truly yours,
Diana R. Frost

A and G Listeners said...

Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

A and G Listeners said...

Just like this Doc

Armstrong & Getty Listeners said...

Did you mean like this?

A and G Listeners said...

Or like this?

Dumbnick Brasha said...

Yes, I did it, and I liked it. But that was then, this is now. I am so thrilled today, because I just learned how to say "twelve months" in Estonian.

Kelly Ohlhauser said...

I am a liar. I didn't make the comment.. But I just claimed that I did. What a stupid thing to lie about! Why do I lie? Is it my greed?

Anonymous said...

One question for you Kelly - was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

So someone is better at this comment/link stuff than me and used my name? ?? that is the weirdest thing ever. I am fagoty but comment rarely. And this will be the last! Again, Weird. I did not make the above comment. Was confused when Doc asked if I made a comment under that name? Thank you and Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

I read on line from an alleged insider that Michael Jackson did molest Corey Feldman and tried to do the same to Corey Haim. That Feldman signed a non disclosure agreement, apparently common for visitors to Neverland ranch, and this is the reason why he defends Michael.

Defending Michael is like saying that global warming isn't real. The evidence is stacked up sky high.

It's revolting what occurred to these "teen idols", who I now realise all the while were more or less high class child prostitutes -treated like a joke almost. Even the film "The Lost Boys" is just a shameless flaunting of perverted behaviour, ridiculing both these young boys and the public who were taken in by the glamour.

Hollywood child stars are like geisha girls. And these creepy, bastard men with power need to be put in their place and brought down to size.

I am changing my mind very much about Hollywood and its "glamour".

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